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BBCodes Empty BBCodes

Post by Cheezeh on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:36 pm

heres a bb code guide full of bb codes you can use


What is bb code?

BBCode is a special implementation of HTML. Whether you can actually use BBCode in your posts on the forum is determined by the administrator. In addition, you can disable BBCode on a per post basis via the posting form. BBCode itself is similar in style to HTML: tags are enclosed in square braces [ and ] rather than < and > and it offers greater control over what and how something is displayed. Depending on the template you are using you may find adding BBCode to your posts is made much easier through a clickable interface above the message area on the posting form. Even with this you may find the following guide useful.

Text Formatting

How to create bold, italic, underlined and striked text

BBCode includes tags to allow you to quickly change the basic style of your text. This is achieved in the following ways:

  • To make a piece of text bold enclose it in:

    HelloResult: Hello
  • For underlining use:

    HelloResult: Hello
  • To italicise text use:

    Great!Result: Great!
  • To strike some text:

    testResult: test

To alter the color or size of your text the following tags can be used. (Keep in mind that how the output appears will depend on the viewers browser and system):

  • To change your text color, you can specify a known color (ex: red, blue, yellow, etc.), or an hexadecimal color code (ex: #FFFFFF, #000000):

    Red color (red) or Red color (#FF0000)Result: Red color (red) or Red color (#FF0000)
  • To change your text size, you must specify the text size in pixel, from 1 (so small you won't see it) to 29 (very huge):

    SMALL or HUGEResult: SMALL or HUGE
  • To change the font, you must specify a recognized font (ex: Verdana, Arial) if the user hasn't got the font, a default one will be displayed :

    Arial font or Comic sans MS fontResult: Arial font or Comic sans MS font

Yes, of course you can; for example to get someones attention you may write:

LOOK AT ME !will give :LOOK AT ME !

Although, we recommend you not to use much text as above ! Remember that it's your task to correctly shut the tags. The following example is incorrect:

This is incorrectThe correct form is :

This is correct
There are two ways you can quote text: with a reference or without.
The reference example, to quote a post wrote by Mr. Blobby, you must enter:

[quote="Mr. Blobby"]The text wrote by Mr. Blobby must be placed here[/quote]
Mr. Blobby wrote:The text wrote by Mr. Blobby must be placed here

Remember that you must include the quotation marks "" around the name you are quoting -- they are not optional.

  • The second method allows you to blindly quote something. To use it :

    [quote]Blind quote[/quote]

  • Result:

    Blind quote
    If you want to output a piece of code (HTML or other) or in fact anything that requires a fixed width with a Courier-type font, you must use the following BBCode :

    [code]echo "This is some code";[/code]
    Result :

    echo "This is some code";
    Generating lists

    An un-ordered list produces a list which entries are one underneath the others and indented with a bullet character.

    • To create an un-ordered list, use:


      Result :

      • Red
      • Blue
      • Yellow

    The second list type gives you the control on what will be displayed before each entry. To create an ordered list, you've got two possibilites :

    • A numbered list :

      [*]Do shopping
      [*]Buy a new computer
      [*]Yell to its computer when it crashes
      Result :

      1. Do shopping
      2. Buy a new computer
      3. Yell to its computer when it crashes

    • An alphabetical list :

      [*]First possible answer
      [*]Second possible answer
      [*]Third possible answer
      Result :

      1. First possible answer
      2. Second possible answer
      3. Third possible answer

    The BBcode supports several methods to create links, most commonly known under URLs.

    • First method, to create for an example a link to you must use :

      [url=]Visit Da Original ![/url]
      Result : Visit Da Original !
      You'll notice that the link opens a new window, by this way the user can still browse the forums if he wants to.
    • Second method, if you want the link to display directly the URL :

      Result :

  • Third method, this forum owns a functionality called 'Magic Links', that will convert automatically an URL into a clickable link, without needing to insert a BBCode tag nor http://. For an example, by typing

    in your message, it will be automatically converted into a link :

  • The BBCode incorporates a tag for including images in your posts.

    Two very important things to remember when using this tag are:

    many users do not appreciate lots of images being shown in posts

    and second, the image you display must already be available on

    the Internet (it cannot exist only on your computer, for example,

    unless you run a webserver!). You can upload for free your images

    on internet by an image hosting such as To

    display an image, you need to proceed as following :

    Result: BBCodes 1245301098

    You can place an image into a link if you wish (by insuring yourself that the opening and closure tags are correct), for an example :


    Result: BBCodes 1245301098

    and if you wnat to see th rest of the tutorial go here


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