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New smileys added Empty New smileys added

Post by Cheezeh on Tue May 26, 2009 2:08 pm

We have added new wsmileys there will be lots more coming here they are

Angry Fight XD Relly angry Nerd Clap up Whip Wierd Sick Skip Cheers Devil or Angel Tomato Congrats Hellooooooo Torch Atack! Banned Shower Buzzy bee Feed Mwaaa mwaaa Fight2 Fight3 Brush Brush2 Ride Misrible Funaral Fool Ugly Annoy Dance Devil or Angel2 Bird poo Fight4 See yah Fart Monster Fly Rock HA HA Hurt Atack2 Bye Bye Die Lamer Ahhhhhh Hungry Scared Spam Smileys Drink Poke Laughing with freind Hammer Toot Ouch Tantrum Monster2 Chit chat
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