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Tcgirl24's Sig Shoppee

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Tcgirl24's Sig Shoppee Empty Tcgirl24's Sig Shoppee

Post by Tcgirl24 on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:06 pm

Tcgirl24’s Signature Store

Welcome to my signature store. It took me a while to post because I was editing it many times on Microsoft Word. I would like to be very clear on everything. This will be a great time to take your socks off and listen. There are a lot of examples so you will have to click some links…So, let’s get started. Here are some signature examples.

This is a Halo signature example-

This is a Clubpenguin signature example-

This is an IMVU signature example-

This is an animated signature example-

Famous person signature example-

I hope I’m not boring you guys. Anyway, moving on to avater examples.

Regular avater example-

Clubpenguin avater example-

Famous person avater example-

I don’t want to be to pricey so I will accept-

50-100 credits for avaters

100-200 credits for signatures

I also accept-

Clubpenguin accounts

IMVU accounts

Planet Cozmo accounts

Pandana accounts

Please forgive me if I make an order later. I will try my best to make the order on time. So, enjoy my signature store. Remember to order soon and every 30 customers they will get a surprise! Hope you like my newest signature shop.

More types of signatures coming soon!:]

Tcgirl24's Sig Shoppee 30wnwcx

=] Keep smilin' =]

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