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Rules NO ________

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Rules NO ________ Empty Rules NO ________

Post by Cheezeh on Mon May 18, 2009 9:38 am

Here are the rules of this forum. It wont take long to read them you wont get banned if you read them to.


NO 18+ content:

Do not send any 18+ content

NO Hateful or abusive content:

Do not post hateful or abusive content example: racism swearing etc

NO Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person:

No Defamatory contend or things affecting the integrity of a person

NO Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance:

Do not sell/exchange things without a prescription or selling illegal stuff example drugs and no selling things that are illicit

NO Copyright infringement:

No posting copyrighted things: things that you have to buy don't buy then share it is illegal the other person has to but it to

NO hacking:

Do not hack sites/users or anything else

NO Spam:

Do not spam spam is nonsense like hhgduyohsiuggy or okkkkkkkkkkkkk
or even the cow jumped on the alien - (except if fiction)

NO phishing and/or malware website:

No phishing or malware/malware sites

NO Credit card fraud:

If you sell something with credit card do not steal there money or trick them into so

NO Cursing

Know that we have members of all ages! Don't go and make them feel bad!

NO Advertising

Do not advertise we will soon have a forum for it soon you will get a warning for it

Thanks for taking your time looking at the rules and have fun on this forum!

Very Happy

Your sincerely,
Cheesy (admin)
The Founder

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