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How to be a liked member.

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How to be a liked member. Empty How to be a liked member.

Post by Rabbit♥ on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:03 am

These things are optional,but they'll help:

  • DONT break rules,just don't. This gives you a reputation as a 'bad' guy.
  • This should be obvious,but dont start flame wars (aka arguing wars)
  • Donate money to people even if it's only 1DO! Nobody likes a cheapskate
  • Open up a grapthic service,even if it's just one selling your MS paint drawings,what may be trash to you,may be treasure to somebody! Dont steal though
  • Use your manners,and if your giving crit,make it constructive,not just plain mean!
  • Greet a new member,or with somebody a happy birthday,it always brings a smile to somebodys face,just try and not greet someone 5 days later,when they're a advancer or wish a happy birthday a week late.
  • Last of all,DONT OVERDO IT! Nobody likes people who are fakely nice. Yes,they're is such a thing as too nice,or freindly if you prefer.
-Rabbit albino

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How to be a liked member. Empty Re: How to be a liked member.

Post by Cheezeh on Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:03 am

this is a nice tut rabbit well get great members from this


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